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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Fault-safe WCF Proxy Generator for Service Reference clients


WCF is great, but if a connection ever throws an exception for any reason it puts the client in the Faulted state and the client has to be aborted and recreated. It’s a pain in the ass since this can happen anywhere a client method is called.
In a previous post, I showed the dynamic generation of a proxy for a WCF channel.

Nowadays, I suspect most people create their clients using “Add Service Reference”. This generates a ClientBase client that suffers from the same problem as raw channels – if there’s ever an exception, you need to recreate the instance.

Following the earlier post, I created code to use the CIL Emit libraries to dynamically generate a fault-tolerant proxy around a given client. If an exception is thrown, the client is recreated with the correct authentication and whatever settings were used to construct it in the first place.
The code is up on github.