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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Book recommendation: Seven Languages in Seven Weeks


I haven’t posted anything in a while (I’m intermittently working on converting the Replicon Add-In to F#), so I’ll throw up this book recommendation for Seven Languages in Seven Weeks by Bruce Tate.

The languages are:
1. Ruby – A well known and interesting object-oriented scripting language.
2. Io – A language based on prototyping.
3. Prolog – A logic-based language. I saw this one back in university.
4. Scala – A hybrid O-O/functional language.
5. Erlang – The functional language made in the 80s for telephone switches that is the hot new thing because of how well it handles concurrency and load, a problem we face in all modern web applications.
6. Clojure – A lisp implementation on Java
7. Haskell – A purely functional language.

And if you aren’t already using it, I recommend using Chocolatey, the apt-get style package manager for Windows, to download these programming languages to play around with. Using Chocolatey is a whole lot easier than hunting down all the installers you’d need otherwise.