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TFS Colorizer Stats


colorizer - chrome stats

As a developer, I can see some statistics about how my plugins are doing.  The Chrome extension is actually doing pretty well.  It’s getting about 11 downloads a week which is pretty good given that I haven’t really promoted it anywhere.

TFS Colorizer in the FIrefox Review Queue

My Firefox add-in is still in review.  When I submitted it to Mozilla almost two weeks ago I was asked if I wanted the 3-day preliminary review or the 10-day full review.  I picked the quick 3-day review.  you wouldn’t know it.  I moved from 57th place yesterday to 54th today.  Maybe they’re all watching the World Cup.  Maybe they’re in the World Cup.  Who knows.

9 thoughts on “TFS Colorizer Stats

  1. Josh Duer

    Have you considered adding the option for the colorizer to also be able to color by assigned user? I played around with it and it appears to pretty quick to add this. I just added a user option in your options script, and added logic similar to your startswith pattern in the applyPattern function in your script file”

    var usertext = $card.parent().find( “div.witAssignedTo” ).text();

    case “user”:
    if ( usertext.indexOf( patternText ) == 0 ) {
    TfsColorizer.applyStyle( $card, colors );

    Thank you,

      1. Josh Duer

        There isn’t anything else that has crossed my mind. It is a pretty slick plugin, and we enjoy using it.

  2. Jonas

    I love it 🙂

    I would love it even more if you could select colors and change order of the “configurations”; up/down.

    Allowing to change the colors somewhat removed the need to change the order though.

    Thanks for making this plugin!

  3. Armin Fuerst

    My colleges all use chome while I prefer FireFox. Some time ago, I found the Add-On is now existing for FireFox, I installed and configured it – but there is no effect. I tried to deactivate all other Add-Ons, re-installed TFS Colorizer – still no effect.
    Did anyone have the same effect? Can I somehow provide info for diagnosis? Of course, I’m using the most recent version of FireFox (39.0 at the time of writing)

    1. Mike Bennett Post author

      Firefox is a bit different to configure – the option is up in the toolbar or in the menu – but otherwise, if it works for your colleagues it should work for you. I use the Firefox version myself, primarily.

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